7 Ideas For the Perfect Personalised Photo Book

7 Ideas For the Perfect Personalised Photo Book

What are some ideas for the perfect personalised photo book? 

  1. A Book of Inside Jokes
  2. “I Love You Because. . .”  Photobook
  3. Highlight Your Milestones through the Years
  4. Be Proud of Your Family History
  5. Get Creative with Customised Recipe Books
  6. Quarantine Memories
  7. The Last Year

Photo albums always evoke a sense of nostalgia. Whether it be old travel photos or old family photographs, browsing through memories always rekindles happy and comforting feelings from the past. 

Many may think that these photo albums need to be filled with grand themes and grand designs, but that is not always the case. It can be as simple as gathering your friends and putting your favourite moments together. It’s also an added bonding moment with your group as you reminisce on your past adventures whether they be big or small. 

If you’re looking for ideas for your next custom photo book, here are some unique ideas for you!

A Book of Inside Jokes

It’s not a secret that friends always capture the most embarrassing moments that you’ll laugh about years later. These become the basis of inside jokes for the group. Put those photos to use by collating all the memories behind all your inside jokes in one personalised photo book. 

Gather together as a group and recount the events behind your most-used inside jokes. You can even take turns writing down your account of that day to provide different perspectives throughout the pages. 

Don’t worry about aesthetics and flattering photos. There’s another photo album for that. Let this unique album recount some of your group’s funniest memories. It will be hilarious to look back on as you grow older. 

“I Love You Because. . .”  Photobook

When was the last time you told your significant other what you love most about them? Don’t reserve that for anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. You can tell them any day of the year. Make it even more special by providing them with a photo album with different reasons why. 

Have an entire photo album that shows them the different reasons why you love and appreciate them. Insert some of your favourite candid shots of them that did not make it on their social media accounts. 

This unique and thoughtful gift can brighten up their days. It can also be easily displayed on their coffee tables or their bookshelves.

Highlight Your Milestones through the Years

Highlight Your Milestones through the Years

This one’s a common yet timeless idea: compile all your milestones. This can be a great idea for a couple going from engaged to married or a family who’s welcoming their first child. This can be a good personalised gift for someone retiring. 

Highlighting someone’s milestones provides them with the perspective of how the past 5, 10, or maybe 20 years have been. People often forget about the different things they accomplish as they carry on with their everyday lives. That’s why building a custom photo book is a great idea. 

Whether you’re making it for your own family or a close friend, this is one of the best ways to make people feel accomplished and appreciated. 

Be Proud of Your Family History

It’s always a good idea for you to get to know your family. A family history photo book can be a good idea to save all your old family photos from when your grandparents were little. This already shows your family’s history.

Take note of all the members of your family, label each photograph with their birthdays and later on, you may even be able to fill out a family tree based on all the photographs you’ve accumulated. 

This is a special way to pay tribute to your family. Many have come a long way from the time of your grandparents to now, so this can be a special way of saying thank you to them for working hard to be where your family is today. 

Get Creative with Customised Recipe Books

Does your family have their favourite home-cooked meals, desserts, and snacks? Gather them all together and take some photos as you prepare these dishes. You can turn this into a unique photo book filled with your favourite dishes! 

Each page can feature the recipe of a meal, from appetisers to main courses, to desserts and snacks! There are many templates you can play around with so that book can feature both the recipe and the pictures of your family. 

Quarantine Memories

The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic was something no one has experienced before. All families were stuck at home, talking to loved ones and friends over video calls not knowing when they’ll go out again. Everyone was getting creative with cooking in the kitchen and even activities for the kids. 

Dedicate an entire photo book with your quarantine memories. Fill them with your themed game nights, cooking adventures, and crazy grocery experiences that you can look back on years from now — hoping it never happens again. 

The Last Year

The Last Year

As kids grow up, families realise that there are many “last memories”. It can be their last day of kindergarten, last year of primary, and even the last first day of school. This can serve as a nostalgic gift for your children as they embark on their new adventures in life. Gather all the photos from their school years and reminisce on how much they’ve grown. 

This can also be a good gift for their friends. Let them document their last year in school together. Years later during their alumni homecoming, they’ll have something to look back on that’s more personalised than a high school yearbook. 

Key Takeaway

Those were some ideas for the perfect personalised photo book. Whether it be about family or friends, these are always ways to reminisce and look back on in years to come. 

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