7 Adorable Baby Photo Book Ideas for their First Year

7 Adorable Baby Photo Book Ideas for their First Year

What are some ideas for a baby photo book? 

  1. Their First Moments
  2. An ABC Baby Book
  3. Letters from Mum and Dad
  4. My Baby’s First Year
  5. Birth Story Journal 
  6. My Family and I 
  7. Your 1st birthday

Babies grow up so fast.  In the blink of an eye, they’ll be strapped in backpacks on the way to their first day of preschool! 

As parents, you’ll want to remember every moment of it! Create a physical photo book to have something tangible you can reminisce on as a family. 

There are many baby photo book ideas, so this article rounded up the most adorable themes for you to choose from for your baby’s first year!

Their First Moments

Their First Moments

As parents, there is not a moment you’ll want to miss for your baby. From their first smile to their first steps, your cameras are most likely always prepared to snap that photo. That’s why it’s perfect to create a baby’s book that’s filled with all those moments. 

As you create your photo book, you can fill the pages with not just photos, but also details about the event. Write down when this happened and what you were doing at that time. This way, you can always look back to that moment and maybe share it with your child when they grow older. 

An ABC Baby Book

Make your baby photo book fun and creative by using an ABC theme. 

Think back to some of your baby’s favourite toys, food, and people. You can associate these items with the letters of the alphabet. For example, if your baby was fond of eating carrots, snap some pictures of him eating his favourite food and make it the letter “C” of your photo book!

Another idea for your ABC book is to set a theme for a setup photo shoot. If you decide on an animal theme, dress baby up in different animal costumes that start with the different letters of the alphabet!

Letters from Mum and Dad

Make the baby photo book more personal by adding handwritten letters from mom and dad. You can insert these letters in between some of your fondest photos and memories with your baby. 

The letters in the photo book can be about anything. Express how much you love them in a few words or maybe narrate your favourite memory with them from their first year. As your baby grows older, you’ll be able to let them read it – adding that sentimental touch to a book filled with your most precious moments.

My Baby’s First Year

Here’s an easy and simple way for a photo book: focus on the first twelve months of your baby’s life. Every month, set up a photo shoot with the same props and set-up. This results in a simple and stylish photo book for their first year. 

In each month, you can place the date as part of the props. With the set-up being the same, it’ll be so easy to see how fast your baby is growing through his first year!

To keep things fun and exciting, you can let your baby wear special costumes for some months! In December, let him wear a Santa hat to commemorate his first Christmas. Another option is to dress him up as cupid on Valentine’s Day. 

These photos will pull on your heartstrings as you look back at them years later. 

Birth Story Journal 

Birth Story Journal 

Your baby’s life does not begin on their birthday, but at the moment you found out you were expecting them. 

Let your baby’s photo book begin during that time. Create a birth story journal that contains the first sonogram and the mom’s entire pregnancy journey. 

A birth story photo book would be nice to reminisce on to see how mom’s body changed to bring new life into the world. This can also be a special way for you to take photos with your partner in the last trimester of your pregnancy – before your lives changed forever. 

You can also include the moments in the delivery room when both of you saw your baby for the first time until the day you took them home. This can be a beautiful reminder of how much can change in less than a year. 

My Family and I 

They say it takes a village to raise a baby. Pay tribute to everyone who helped you along the way by including them in your baby’s photo book. 

A photo book with this theme can focus on core memories of your baby with each family member. If they spent mornings on a stroller ride with auntie, snap some shots and put them in the book. Add an extra touch by having each family member write a short description for each photo. 

This is a great way to acknowledge everyone who played an important role in your baby’s upbringing. Don’t stop at blood relatives, you can also include your friends who formed a special bond with your family. 

Your 1st Birthday

Your 1st Birthday

Your baby’s first birthday is a joyous celebration, but your baby will probably not remember any of it.

To let him see how you culminated his first year, create a photo book devoted to this special day, whether it was an extravagant or simple celebration. 

Take photos of the guests who dropped by. If there were games, document those and take note of all the kids who came too. You can also try to let your baby pose for a few photos with some of your friends and relatives. 

When the party ends, document him opening up all his presents, too! This way, you’ll be able to show him what happened during his first birthday party. 

Key Takeaway 

It’s never too late to get started on a photo album for your baby. Now that we’ve listed some baby photo book ideas, it’s time to get started! Take a look at the photos you have and see what theme suits your baby best.

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