Is Print on Demand Worth It?

Is Print on Demand Worth It?

What are the advantages of a print-on-demand business?

  1. Product Customisation
  2. Quick turnaround
  3. High-quality printing
  4. Less storage required
  5. Easy to scale
  6. Good customer communication

With the rise of numerous retail stores, many people still wonder: is print-on-demand still worth it? The answer is yes.

Print-on-demand allows businesses to customise and personalise various materials. This is done on an as-needed basis instead of purchasing items in bulk.

This article aims to explore the different advantages of operating a print-on-demand business. For various industries, this business comes in handy. These include companies where printed content changes regularly like restaurants, retail stores, sales teams, and many more. Keep reading to learn more!

Product Customisation

Product Customisation

Print-on-demand provides the best solution for many customised products like shirts, mugs, and tote bags. It allows many small businesses to create products for a certain niche.

When it comes to product customisation, the sky’s the limit with the number of items and products you can create.

At Prima Printing, we closely collaborate with our clients in the earliest stages. During the engagement phase, the company makes it a point to understand the client’s needs. They lay down what they want to achieve and their ideal timeframe. Together, we can assess the product range, price, and volume that align with the brand’s objective.

At times, Prima Printing is able to provide samples of the client’s products. These samples are made based on the client’s specifications for their customised products.

Quick turnaround

One of the biggest benefits of print-on-demand is its quick turnaround. Compared to retail stores where a bulk of shirts needs to be ordered, this business only produces what is necessary.

Thanks to modern technology, many printing services can produce high-quality products to satisfy both big and small orders. Whatever the amount of product needed, modern printers allow products to be produced quickly.

High-quality printing

High-quality printing

Many consumers turn to print-on-demand services for their high-quality output, whether they produce personalised bags, shirts, mugs, or keychains.

Print-on-demand services are able to control the quality of both the print and the material to be printed on. This is what makes them most attractive in the consumer’s eyes.

Prima Printing uses unique and high-quality devices to create products for its clients. There are different infrastructures dedicated to the kind of printing to be made. Digital printing uses Ricoh 9210’s and Epson inkjets, while Direct to Garment products use Kornit Atlas. Various products are dedicated to its finishing, lamination, and cutting.

All the infrastructures available at Prima Printing ensure its clients that products are made of top-notch quality.

Less storage required

Print-on-demand businesses can also cut down on expenses for storage. Since they only print what is required, it is not necessary to rent out warehouse and storage space.  This expense for warehouse or storage rental can be disregarded with this business.

In some businesses, storage is not required at all, since the products are directly shipped from the printing supplier.

Easy to scale

Easy to scale

There is room for growth for print-on-demand services. Your store can start by just selling one type of custom item, whether it be caps, shirts, or even stationery. As your market grows, it can easily be grown into a wider range of products.

Scaling your business upwards still depends on your marketing strategy. If it is to target a niche market, finding the right products for expansion can be easier since you’re dealing with just one demographic.

No matter what the scale of your products will be, there are many ways for your print-on-demand service to grow.

As a printing supplier in Australia and New Zealand, Prima Printing is capable of accommodating the growth of any print-on-demand service. They source individuals or groups to obtain the power for larger-scale productions. They ensure that personnel uphold the strictest standards.

Good customer communication

With most print-on-demand businesses being on a smaller scale, they can develop a healthy and positive relationship with their customers. They can personally talk to customers to ensure that they are giving the best product by making use of the chat on various social media platforms.

This is important, especially for e-commerce stores, where many are only as good as their reputation. If your business is able to sell and provide your products in a timely fashion, it can easily lead to more customers because of your reliable reputation.

Key Takeaway

So, is print-on-demand still worth it? Yes, it is. There are many industries, individuals, and groups that continue to look for businesses that can easily customise various things for them. These print-on-demand services are able to collaborate closely with their customers to provide high-quality products of any scale.

If you’re looking for a printing supplier in Australia, you can contact us here at Prima. Our facility houses speciality equipment, operated by high-skilled staff — just exactly what and who you need to accommodate all your personalised product needs.