Personalised Bags: 5 Reasons Why They’re The Perfect Gift

Personalised Bags: 5 Reasons Why They're The Perfect Gift

Why are personalised bags the perfect gift? 

  1. They’re multifunctional items
  2. Many personalisation options are available
  3. It’s cost-effective
  4. They’re compact
  5. They’re durable & environmentally friendly

Personalised gifts always add that special touch to any occasion. Anyone who receives it is sure to feel special because it looks like it was just made for them!

Take gift giving up a notch by gifting your friends and loved ones with an incredibly useful item that they can use in their everyday life — a canvas bag! You won’t worry about the bag collecting dust because it has many uses in someone’s everyday life. 

A personalised canvas bag is also an item that is easily customisable by print-on-demand services in your area. This article tackles just why this makes the perfect gift. Keep reading to learn more!

They’re multifunctional items

They’re multifunctional items

Tote bags are not ordinary purses that are limited to only use. Depending on who they’re given to, they can be used in many unique ways — making them a perfect and practical gift! 

Here are some ideas for how a personalised canvas bag can be used: 

As a Beach Bag

A canvas tote bag is a perfect accessory for a day at the beach. All your essentials can fit here, from sunscreen to a beach towel. It’s also not too heavy, making it easy to carry around!

As storage

You can also use bags to help store multiple items at home. They can be a place where you put other items when organising like plastic containers, school supplies, and even assorted bags. 

As a grocery bag

Personalised tote bags can be brought along to the grocery. With it being easy to fold, you can even bring multiple bags with you! They’re made of sturdy material, making it easy to carry heavier grocery items compared to regular paper and plastic bags. 

As a purse

Of course, you can have a personalised bag just like any of your other purses at home! With stylish and cute designs printed on them, it’ll be fun to mix and match these with your other outfits too! They may also be able to hold more items compared to small bags you may have

Many personalisation options are available

Many personalisation options are available

For businesses, there are many prints and designs that you print on personalised bags to make them special for your customers. Every person who buys this will want its receiver to feel that they put a lot of thought into this gift. 

The bags can have quotes, jokes, and images printed on them. Many digital printers like Prima are able to print out any design given to them in either bulk or a specific number of pieces. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Personalised tote bags can be printed and bought in bulk! For stores, this can be a great option to be added to your inventory since printed bags still have a touch of personality in their simplicity. Many customers can be drawn toward this item. 

Customers can even purchase from this in bulk since it’s also a good gift to give on different occasions. 

Party Favours

Whether it’s a birthday or a Christmas party, guests are sure to love a handy canvas bag as a part of their party favours. You can print out a design related to your party’s theme or even the event name itself so that everyone has something to remember the occasion by. 


Having your business’s logo printed on your canvas bags is always a win. These can either be given away as promotional gifts during events or as a giveaway during office events. 

They’re compact

They’re compact

No one likes gifts that take up too much space. Canvas bags are the perfect item to give friends because they are compact yet very useful in your everyday lives. 

All they’ll need to do is fold it up or hang it on their bag hooks. It can also be easily stored in cars, closets, and drawers until they’re ready to be used again. 

They’re Durable & Environmentally Friendly

Despite it being made of fabric, a canvas bag is still very durable. It can hold many items and not tear, unlike the paper and plastic bags available in your local groceries. 

If you own a store, why not stock up on these for your customers? You can help your store and its customers go green by encouraging the use of these instead of plastic items. This initiative helps market your company’s sustainable goals by reducing the use of disposable bags in your store. 

Key Takeaway

Personalised bags make the perfect gift for many occasions because of its functionality, durability, and price tag. Without breaking the bank, you’ll be able to provide people with a unique gift that’s good for everyday use. 

Here at Prima, we can supply you with personalised bags with designs of your choice! Our facility is equipped with the best equipment and staff who can provide the best personalised gifts in Australia. Contact us here today!