7 Tips for Designing Custom Postcards

7 Tips for Designing Custom Postcards

What are some tips on designing custom postcards?

  1. Start with a clear message
  2. Choose the right size and shape
  3. Use high-quality images
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Consider the back of the postcard
  6. Proofread your design
  7. Choose a professional printing service

Did you know that postcards are still relevant in today’s digital age? We used to send postcards back to our friends and loved ones when we were on our travels. It acted like some sort of love note that said “I remember you” even when you were miles away from each other.

Today, in the age of social media, postcards are still a hit! Not only is it a great memento for your travels, but it can also act as a marketing product and not to mention great personalised stationary, too!

No matter how you use them, these custom postcards need to be eye-catching enough to capture your audience’s attention. In this article, we provide you with some tips on how to design these timeless souvenirs. Keep reading to learn more!

Start with a Clear Message

Start with a Clear Message

Whether the postcard is from a local shop or a marketing agency, the star of this piece of stationery is the image in front. So think back to the purpose of this postcard.

Are you promoting your local tourist spots? Are you showing off your projects to potential clients? Whatever its purpose, let that guide what images, colours, and fonts you will use on the front of the postcard.

For a travel souvenir postcard, make sure to feature an iconic image that represents your location and pair it with a fun and memorable tagline.

Meanwhile, for business postcards aimed at advertising products or increasing brand awareness, don’t forget to include all the necessary information that serves as your “calling card”. Make it stand out by incorporating your brand’s unique style and messaging.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

The standard size of a postcard is 4 x 6” as it meets the minimum size and thickness requirements set by the postal service if you’re going to mail it. You can use this as a guide in designing your products. However, you can always play around with the size if your printing partner allows it.

Here at Prima, our standard postcard size is 174 x 123.5 mm, perfect for showcasing your unique design. And, if you really want to make your postcards stand out, we offer both matte and gloss finishes for a clean and professional look.

Use High-Quality Images

Use High-Quality Images

Your postcard images can make or break your design, so don’t settle for subpar pictures. Aim for high-resolution, attention-grabbing images that perfectly match your postcard.

If you’re going for non-vector design, we recommend at least 591 x 399 pixels at 96dpi, but for the ultimate in crisp, clear images, go big with 1847 x 1247 pixels at 300dpi. Don’t let your images fall flat – make them pop with prime quality!

Keep It Simple

Don’t overcrowd your postcard with too much information. Keep your message and images simple and precise. You should also make sure to use clear and legible fonts that are easy to read at a distance. Avoid using too many colours or fonts that clash with each other.

Always remember, less is more when it comes to designing postcards. Keep it clean, and legible, and let the postcard speak for itself!

Consider the Back of the Postcard

Use High-Quality Images

When creating custom postcards, it’s essential to remember that the backside provides ample space for people to write out their personal messages. Give them enough space to write their letters of endearment and messages to their friends and loved ones.

Aside from that, you can also dedicate a small space at the back to provide customers with your company or shop’s essential details like your business address, website, and social media handles. This makes it easy to find you and collaborate with you for future endeavors.

Quality Check

Before you send your postcard to print, take a moment to give it a good once-over. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, and make sure all the information is accurate. And don’t be afraid to ask a friend or colleague to take a look too – four eyes are better than two, after all!

Choose a Professional Printing Service

When you’ve finished designing your awesome postcard, it’s time to bring it to life and make it look even more stunning by printing it out.

While you can print your postcards by yourself, choosing a professional print-on-demand company is worth it because it can give your postcard a more professional and clean look.

And no need to search high and low for the perfect printing company because we’ve got you covered! At Prima, we offer a range of options for your postcards, including matte or gloss finishing in duplex or simplex.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your postcards printed and ready to impress!

Key Takeaway

Who says postcards are old-fashioned and outdated? Designing custom postcards is a fun and creative way to share a fun memory with anyone. It’s proof that postcards should not be forgotten and can be used in a variety of creative and useful ways. By following these tips, you can create a postcard that everyone will appreciate and cherish.

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