7 Tips For Designing Custom Hoodies

7 Tips For Designing Custom Hoodies

What are some tips for designing custom hoodies?

  1. Choose a high-quality hoodie
  2. Choose the right colours
  3. Consider the placement of your design
  4. Use high-quality graphics
  5. Consider DTG printing
  6. Get creative with your design
  7. Consider sustainability

Customising hoodies is a fun way to make a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that shows off your style and personality. It also makes a great personalised gift for your closest friends. Whether you’re making hoodies for a sports team, a school club, or a fashion brand, there are some important things to remember to make sure they look great and are easy to wear. Here are 7 tips for designing custom hoodies that are sure to turn heads!

Choose a high-quality hoodie

Choose a high-quality hoodie
Your hoodie is your canvas. Having a high-quality hoodie will make your design better. How long it lasts, how easy it is to wear, and how good your design looks will depend on the quality of the hoodie you choose.

It’s best to choose either a cotton or polyester hoodie. These fabrics are soft, breathable, and durable. You want to make these are as comfortable as possible for those who’ll be wearing them.

Choose the right colours

Your choice of colours for your custom hoodie can make a big difference in how it looks. One of the most important things to think about when choosing colours is whether or not they go well together.

You don’t want to use colours that clash or are too similar, as this can make your design look cluttered and hard to read. Choose colours that go well together and make a pattern that flows.

If you use too many colours, your design will look busy and confusing. If you’re making a hoodie for a sports team or club, make sure to use the team’s or club’s official colours so that the hoodie is easy to recognise and stands for the team or club.

Consider the placement of your design

Consider the placement of your design
When making custom hoodies, it’s important to think about where your image will go. Think about its placement and how big the design will be.

For your hoodie, it’s always best to print your design on the front and back of your hoodie. That way, your design is appreciated by everyone. At Prima, we offer DTG printing that brings out the vibrancy of every design.

Use high-quality graphics

Make sure you use images with a high resolution that are clear and sharp. This is important, especially when you use DTG printing. As with most printing, we recommend 300DPI.

Vector images are a great choice because they don’t lose quality when they are enlarged or scaled down. Don’t use blurry or low-quality pictures in your design, as this can make it look unprofessional. You don’t want to have your well-made design go to waste.

Consider DTG printing

There are many ways to get a design printed on a hoodie. The most popular and affordable method is DTG printing. This is when ink is printed directly on the fabric. Here at Prima, we add a thick layer of white ink underneath the print to make all the colours pop even more!

You can make a custom hoodie that fits your style and brand personality by working with a reputable printing company that offers great custom DTG printing services like ours here at Prima.

Get creative with your design

Get creative with your design

Creating and personalising your hoodie can be a perfect opportunity to be creative and original. Think outside the box and use slogans, pictures, or patterns that aren’t used anywhere else. You can also add things like names, numbers, or custom tags to make it more special. When making unique hoodies, it’s important to stay true to your brand or message, so make sure your design shows your style and values.

Consider sustainability

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to think about how our choices affect the environment. When making handmade hoodies, you might want to use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or polyester.

At Prima, we use the Kornit Atlas machine for our DTG printing, Kornit has developed several hardware and software that are focused on on-demand sustainable production. This includes their printers. Compared to screen printing, this printer uses up to 93.8% less water and up to 66.57% less energy.

Key Takeaway

Those were just some tips for designing custom hoodies. It can be a fun and exciting process! However, there are many things to consider during the design process. Always have your target audience for your design. By making your design fit the people who will be wearing it, you can make a custom hoodie that is both stylish and meaningful to those who will be wearing it.

Finally, it’s important to work with a reputable printing company that can bring your design to life. At Prima, we offer custom DTG printing services that make your designs come to life! We work closely with various businesses to provide them with the best products for their shops and brands. Contact us here today!