Wall Art for Office Ideas For a More Inspired Workspace

Wall Art for Office Ideas For a More Inspired Workspace

What are some wall art ideas for my office? 

  1. Comforting Life Moments
  2. Black and White Impact
  3. Comforting Views
  4. Varied Sizes of Picture Frames
  5. Big Bold Words
  6. Unframed Canvas
  7. Squared Canvas Grids

It’s important to maintain a productive workspace whether you’re working in your office or still working from home. This sets the mood for accomplishing your tasks and deliverables daily. 

A good way to boost the mood and inspire a positive working attitude is to hang up some pictures, paintings, and maybe even quotes on your office walls. 

If you don’t know how to get this project started, this article aims to give you some ideas for your office wall art. 

This accent spot in your office can help establish the mood for your entire workspace. Since humans respond to exciting visuals, wall art can easily energise them to get working throughout the day. In turn, your mood is easily lifted, leaving you in a positive mood to finish your tasks on a good note. 

Comforting Life Moments

Whether it be in your work-from-home office or your actual office, you can admit that you feel a little more inspired to work when you see the people who give you purpose. 

This makes it a good idea to display your most memorable moments in life as your wall decor. Create a mini gallery on your office wall that displays your family photos and favourite vacation views. 

You can have this printed out and framed to hang in a circular shape. This ties all photos together, creating a cohesive and appealing presentation. 

Black and White Impact

Black and White Impact

If you’re going for striking office wall art, a black-and-white photo is the best way to make a statement. This genre of photos is meant to produce a big impact on anyone who enters your office. 

Create a lasting impression for visitors with a blown-up image of an iconic landscape. On the other hand, you can create movement in a photo by splitting a panoramic photo into 3 separate pieces. Enclose the photos in white frames to give the illusion of movement in your office. 

Comforting Views

Comforting Views

Certain colours are comforting to look at. Colours like green, blue, and purple give this desired effect. These hues emanate soothing and peaceful feelings. 

Putting up artwork with these shades can help your eyes relax after a long day of working and staring at your computer screens. Whether it be a famous painting or a printed landscape, you can put it in a large frame on an empty wall. 

You can also elevate the entire look of your office by coordinating its colours with your wall, carpets, and furniture. 

Varied Sizes of Picture Frames

Instead of just hanging up one big picture frame, explore different sizes of canvases and frames. Combining frames and sizes make a unique display for your office wall. 

This kind of artwork fits best on a bare wall. You can easily make a statement by covering a wall from floor to ceiling with frames of different sizes. Fill up the frames with a mixture of your personal photos, inspirational quotes, and your bucket list destination. 

Looking at a collection of things that inspire you can create a more inspired and productive office space. 

Big Bold Words

Big Bold Words

Office wall art is not limited to picturesque views and personal photos. You can also display your favourite quotes and phrases. When words have meaning, they can easily become a source of inspiration to keep you going throughout the day. 

You can experiment with different ways to print out words on canvases and frames. Make a bold statement by printing out letters in bright and bold colours. However, if you want a subtle yet powerful artwork, print out your favourite quote in an elegant script. 

Unframed canvas

Here is a simple way of decorating your office wall. Utilise unframed canvases to create a simple display.

Canvases offer you limitless possibilities. You can print out paintings, images, and even quotes. You can customise and have fun with various sizes of canvases to create a more inspiring office space. 

Squared Canvas Grids

Bring your well-curated Instagram feed to life by making wall art filled with squared canvases. The uniform size allows you to easily arrange the display in any way you want. 

You can print out the photos on your Instagram feed, or maybe mix and match some photos with your favourite song lyrics and quotes. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you have some ideas for your office wall art, you can get designing. Figure out what you want to display and prepare a mock-up of what you’ll want to be displayed on your wall. 

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