5 Reasons to Make a Softcover Photo Book

5 Reasons to Make a Softcover Photo Book

Why should you make a softcover photo book? 

  1. There’s Beauty in Its Simplicity
  2. It’s a Great Personalised Gift Idea
  3. It’s Very Easy to Flip Through
  4. An Affordable Option for Photo Albums
  5. It’s Easy to Pack

Whether it’s being used for display or as a personalised gift, a softcover photo book makes a great gift. Its pages can be filled with curated photo spreads, portraits, and collages. But what is a softcover photobook? 

This kind of photo book features a thinner cover page compared to your traditional hardcover coffee table books. Its cover is magazine-like, made out of thicker paper compared to its inside pages. 

Softcover photo books can be the perfect addition to your cafe’s collection of magazines. They can also be used as souvenirs for events and parties. Here are some reasons why you should consider making this book: 

There’s Beauty in Its Simplicity

There’s Beauty in Its Simplicity

Is your family the type to document grandiose occasions and celebrations? If they are, then you probably have thick photo albums on shelves filled with these memories. But, how about all the other years? 

You can document these in-between years with the help of thinner photo albums. Consider them as issues in a magazine. Gather the family around to curate your best moments in between big celebrations. You can fill these magazine issues with fun-filled memories in between weddings and grand birthday celebrations. 

The simple and elegant design of this photo book suits the simplicity of those memories. 

It’s a Great Personalised Gift Idea

Gift-giving becomes more memorable when it is customised. This is the reason why personalised gifts across Australia have become extremely popular. Many people have been finding ways to make their gifts curated for their friends and family. 

For your group of friends, you can provide them with a softcover photo book filled with your photographs through the years. Your friends can get a kick out of it if you are able to put in photos from your elementary and university days. It easily becomes an entire magazine dedicated to you, and that’s not something you can buy off from any shelf. 

It’s Very Easy to Flip Through

It’s Very Easy to Flip Through

There is a reason why dental offices, waiting rooms, and cafes are filled with magazines — how flippable it is. You can easily skim through the pages while perusing every single photo on the page. 

With the help of Prima, you can create your own softcover photo books for your home, restaurant, and even company office. We create these in a variety of sizes that can easily be displayed anywhere. 

An Affordable Option for Customised Photo Albums

Is your camera roll filled with pictures from your latest vacation with nowhere to put them? Why not put them into a customised photo album? A softcover book provides you with a more affordable option compared to thick and hardbound coffee table books. 

By doing this, you can display the beautiful photos you took of scenery, friends, and food without breaking the bank. At Prima, you are also assured that these photos are printed at the highest quality thanks to our state-of-the-art printers.     

It’s Easy to Pack

Compared to hardcover books, softcover books are made without a spine. This makes them thinner and lighter — and while the difference might seem negligible, it does make a big difference when it comes to packing, storing, and even displaying them on shelves. 

If you’ll be giving these as gifts for friends, you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space in their homes. The same goes for businesses who want to give these as giveaways during corporate events. It’s easy to pack inside bags and display in spaces from the lobby of your office to various waiting areas. 

Key Takeaway

Everything’s better when it’s personalised — even photo books. You can fill the pages with picturesque views and your favourite people through various templates and designs. 

Prima has all the equipment in its facility to make the best custom photo books in Australia. We can create both hard and softcover books that come in a variety of sizes and finishes. Contact us here today at Prima to get a quote on our various products and services.