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Digital and Wide Format Print

Digital and wide format print

Prima has partnered with both Epson and Ricoh to deliver some unique capabilities. With the largest Ricoh installation in ANZ and a number of unique machine configurations we have the ability to service your digital demand.

Our Epson wide format capacity is also the largest in the region and can deliver thousands of canvas per day as needed.

Quality Control

Every item that comes through our facility is unique and special to the end user and it is our priority to provide them with a high quality personalised item

We have control measures in place at every stage of the production process overseen by our Compliance team.

Quality Control
Finishing and Bindery

Finishing & Bindery

Prima offers a variety of finishing and bindery options using a number of unique pieces of infrastructure only available in our facility. These options include cover foiling, lamination, UV coating and PUR Binding.  

New product development

Working collaboratively with brands on new product development is one of the most stimulating and exciting endeavours. Ideas come from either party and can be based on customer needs, opportunity, market observations or brand needs.

We take those ideas, source the products and help bring them to market. 

New Product Collaboration


With our volume and scale comes special relationships with our logistics service providers. Servicing multiple service levels and countries these providers understand the needs of our brands and how important delivery on time is to our commitment.

Data integration

Prima offers extensive data integration capabilities allowing us to integrate with all software platforms. Our production systems are also exposed to brands so they can utilise data to shape the interaction with their customers.

Reporting is also available for brands to cover SLA compliance, quality and billing. 

Data Integration


Want to find out more?

At Prima we know that considering the environment is not just good business sense it’s the right thing to do for our community, employees and our clients.

When we launch a product we consider the environmental impact associated with it during both manufacturing and also when it interacts with the consumer. We believe our small efforts make a difference and are committed to continually improving upon our environmental impact.