5 Kinds of Personalised Stationery

5 Kinds of Personalised Stationery

What are the different kinds of personalised stationery? 

  1. Note Cards
  2. Notepads
  3. Notebooks
  4. Letterheads
  5. Greeting Cards

With online messaging being the main mode of communication today, some may think that taking notes down on paper is no longer useful. But, it’s the complete opposite!

Many individuals still find themselves reaching for a paper and pen when needing to take down important notes during meetings or calls. There’s just something about taking notes down by hand that helps many individuals remember them better, compared to when you jot it down on your phone. 

Make an even better impression with personalised stationery. Printing your name or the company’s name on various forms of stationary makes things look more sophisticated and credible. Here are a few stationery items you use daily where you can add a personal touch. 

Note Cards

Note Cards

This piece of stationary serves multiple purposes, from office use to academics to personal use. For students, preparing for speeches and presentations has never been easier thanks to them. You can easily jot down your important talking points and quips on notecards to remember when to say them during an important presentation. 

Note cards can also act as greeting cards or gift cards. There is enough space on them to write a personal note to the gift’s receiver. You can also use this to pass on messages to members of your team at the office. 

To elevate the look of note cards, you can add designs depending on what they’ll be sued for. Monogrammed initials or printed names are common designs you see for various uses. They add a minimalistic yet sophisticated look to the note card. 

You also have the option to add borders on notecards whether it be flowers, lines, or different patterns. These add a touch of your own personality to the stationery. 


Grocery lists, telephone notes, and minutes of the meeting — there are so many things you can jot down on notepads! 

There are portable pieces of stationery that come useful many times throughout the day. For businesses, you can personalise these with your logo and company name. These can come as a way of advertising your brand. Customised notepads can be given out as giveaways during company events as well as exhibitions and conventions you’re participating in. 



Almost everyone has been using notebooks since primary school. They’ve been used as places for students to take down notes for class. As you grow older, you still continue to use them to note down important information for meetings and projects. 

It’s also possible to personalise notebooks to your liking or to a company’s branding. For personal use, this can set your supplies apart from your peers by adding designs and colours that reflect your own personality. Some printing services also allow customers to choose the lining of each notebook, whether it be dotted, lined, or blank. 


A letterhead is seen at the top of most letter papers, commonly seen by companies and schools. Aside from the logo, it also consists of their address and contact details for the letter’s recipient to see. 

Customising or personalising letterheads is another form of stationery that many companies acquire for business purposes. It allows their letters both internal and external to look more professional and credible. When used for external use, it gives clients an immediate contact person on the letterhead, making communication with them easier. 

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Gift-giving happens all year round, so make your gifts look more personalised and meaningful with customised greeting cards. It makes gifts more fun and memorable.

For various gift shops, adding personalised gift cards to your store can add value to many customers! It’s a fun and inexpensive way for them to make gifts a lot more personal on their end. Many would want to grab the opportunity to label their gifts with their names and chosen designs. 

Key Takeaway

There are different forms of stationary that businesses, students, and individuals can have customised to add that personal touch! For businesses, this can serve as a way to increase their brand awareness to both the public and clients. Stationary can be used as giveaways and gifts. On the other hand, individuals use these to add their own flare and personality to items they use every day. 

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