Personalised Placemats: 6 Unique Ideas for Restaurants and Cafes

Personalised Placemats: 6 Unique Ideas for Restaurants and Cafes

What are some unique personalisation ideas for your restaurant’s placemats? 

  1. Personal Logo
  2. Simple Sentences and Phrases
  3. Your Menu
  4. Commissioned Artwork 
  5. Company’s History
  6. Colouring Patterns for Kids

There are many restaurant essentials that need that customised touch! One of them is your placemats. Say goodbye to boring and generic kitchen place mats. Instead, dabble into personalised place mats! 

This article gives you a few unique customisation ideas you can try out. Keep reading to learn more!

Personal Logo

A common design that restaurants and cafes put into their placemats is their logo. This is a simple yet effective way to promote the store’s branding. However, it may be too simple for some businesses. 

When given the opportunity to personalise the design of your placemats, you can play around with your logo and design. Maybe simplify the entire design to create a pattern across the placemat itself. It’s a unique way of presenting your logo to both regular and new customers. 

Simple Sentences and Phrases

Capture your customers’ attention by printing quotes and simple sentences onto your placemats. You’ll be surprised at the delight on your customers’ faces once they read these special messages on their seats. 

With 365 days in a year, you can get creative with the different quotes you can have printed on your placemats, depending on the brand and theme of your cafe. If you offer a homey and rustic vibe, maybe put in some comforting quotes and sentences. You can also add a caring touch to your prints by printing questions like “How Are You Today?” or “Have You Eaten It?” to tug on the heartstrings of your customers. 

If your restaurant embodies fun and happy moments, print out some lyrics of the best upbeat songs to get your customers to sing as they read.

Your Menu

Your Menu

Here’s a fun twist to your menu: why not print some of your specialty menu items on them? This can be an easy way to nudge your customers toward your best menu items. 

Use this space as a canvas to show them what goes into your best meals. Find creative ways to input the different ingredients, tastes, and layers that are put into your food! You can print out different menu items in this style so that placemats on each table can vary in design. 

Not only does it add a unique twist to your placemat design, but it also keeps your guests busy reading while waiting for their food to arrive. 

Commissioned Artwork 

Restaurants and cafes may have unique pieces of art displayed on their shop’s interiors. If these are custom-made for your own business, why not feature them on your placemats as well? This can show how unique the branding and art are in your restaurant.

This way, your placemats will be unique to your cafe and restaurant alone. 

Branding Design 

Branding Design 

In business and marketing, it’s important that your story melts into all aspects of your business. From your menu down to the placemats, it must all follow a brand DNA that features the colour, theme, and patterns incorporated into your logo. 

Customers can easily notice how all the different features of your restaurants blend into one. It presents a cohesive look and story throughout the entire restaurant. 

Company’s History

Usually printed on the back of menus is the brief history of some restaurants, but why not put these on your placemats instead? 

In the space allotted for the placemat, you can think of different ways to show your customers how your restaurant or cafe began. It can be featured like a newspaper article with some photos. You can also choose to show a timeline of events until the present day. If you’re feeling creative why not even put in a comic strip? 

There are so many fun ways to introduce your brand to the world, and showing your own history can be one of them! Your customers will understand your place better, and have something fun to do while waiting for the food to come. 

Colouring Patterns for Kids

Colouring Patterns for Kids

Many restaurants have tried this one out! Print out some colourful patterns of your logo and restaurant for the little ones to colour in. You can have this special place mat made whenever you see kids walk in through the doors with their parents!

If your restaurant has a mascot, it can be a fun way to introduce him through these colouring materials! 

Key Takeaway

There are many unique ways to personalise your placemats in a restaurant or cafe. Limitless possibilities await you, but it’s always good to start with your company and its branding. Let these placemats reflect who you are while adding a fun and unique twist to them!

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