7 Tips When Giving Personalized Clothing As A Gift

7 Tips When Giving Personalized Clothing As A Gift

What are some of the tips when giving personalised clothing as a gift?

  1. Consider the recipient’s style and taste
  2. Choose high-quality clothing
  3. Have your design ready for digital printing
  4. Consider the occasion
  5. Consider the cost
  6. Place your orders early

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through the internet or searching through shopping centres, looking for a gift, but to no avail? This is the perfect opportunity to turn to personalised gifts! This custom yet unique choice for presents shows that you care about the person. They’ll know you went the extra mile just to give something that is unique to them.

One of the best options you can give them is personalised clothing gifts. Keep reading so that you can learn about our tips on how to give your friends and family the best present for any occasion.

Consider the Recipient’s Style and Taste

Consider the Recipient's Style and Taste

Just like any gift, whatever season it may be, it’s important to consider the recipient’s style and taste. Now that you have the power to customise clothing, it’s important to add that personal touch that captures their design and style.

Are they a fan of a TV show, singer, or boy group? These details can help you pick out what exactly you’ll be printing on the gift.

You can also consider the occasion being celebrated. Many stores that provide personalised clothing usually match it to the season. Whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or Halloween, you can align your gift with this. Just make sure you purchase it in the right season.

Here at Prima, we can print out an assortment of designs on your t-shirts whether it be an inspirational quote, their favorite artist, or even their dog. Thanks to custom DTG printing, we’ll be able to capture all the details and make each design pop.

Choose High-Quality Clothing

With a great design should come high-quality clothing. The fabric you choose should be long-lasting especially when you’re having something printed on it.

For direct-to-garment printing, it’s best to use 100% cotton to make sure that the ink seeps into the fabric. This will result in a high-quality print that will not easily fade or crack.

When customising clothing with Prima, we also give you a wide range of clothing options to choose from. You can have gifts printed on hoodies, sweatshirts, pyjamas, polo shirts, and even baby onesies! Here at Prima, we provide customers with high-quality Gildan and AS Colour garments.

Have Your Design Ready for Digital Printing

Have Your Design Ready for Digital Printing

To make sure your personalised clothing design is ready for DTG printing, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are so many things that you can achieve with the help of DTG technology. From bold simple designs to color gradients to high-contrast colours!

On top of that, you should also make sure that the design you provide your supplies is of high quality. That means it needs to be at least 300 dpi. This helps avoid pixelated prints on your special gift.

At Prima, we make sure that all designs stand out. We apply a layer of white ink on coloured garments before printing to ensure that colours remain vibrant.

Consider the Cost

Budget is important too, so think about how much you’re willing to spend. Prices for personalised clothing can vary especially if you’re buying different sizes, or have double sided designs in mind.

When buying gifts, setting the budget helps you determine what kind of clothing you’ll be getting your friends. Certain sets cost more than other so it’s best to plan this out properly especially if you’re purchasing more than one gift.

Place Your Orders Early

Finally, don’t procrastinate!

Here at Prima, it takes only three days for all our garment orders to be produced and sent out. This is important for you to take note of when placing an order.

This is particularly important during the holiday season. Many people scramble and order their preferred prints for their trusted stores. So make sure to get your orders in with them early so that your gift will be delivered on time.

Key Takeaway

Nothing is more special than custom-made gifts. This shows your friends, family, or significant other that you took the time to find something that defines them as a person.

So the next time you’re shopping for your present, make sure to follow these tips for personalised clothing gifts. This assures you that you’ll be getting something that is both meaningful and long-lasting.

If you’re on the hunt for the absolute best custom DTG printer in Australia, look no further than Prima! We use only the best equipment to provide you with high-quality custom clothing. Our facility and team are ready to help you with your personalisation needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and we will create your personalized gifts!