8 Fun and Unique Ideas for your Personalised Calendar

8 Fun and Unique Ideas for your Personalised Calendar

What are fun and unique ideas for personalised wall calendars? 

  1. Words to Inspire You
  2. A Friendly Collaboration
  3. Show Off Your Fur Babies
  4. Reminisce on Last Year
  5. Go All Around the World
  6. Birthday Notes
  7. Pick a Colour
  8. Get Inspired By Your Favourite Treats

Let’s admit it: you’ve all missed an important anniversary or birthday. Make forgetting a thing of the past by bringing back wall calendars. 

These are unsung heroes in your home, office space, and even work place. They help you stay on track with important dates while giving you a glimpse of the months to come. Let’s add a unique touch by turning them into personalised calendars, too. Here are some unique and fun ideas for you to explore!

Words to Inspire You

Words to Inspire You

Take a different turn and let your favourite sayings shine on your personalised calendars. Whether they be quotes from a philosopher, television show, or bible verse, allow them to shine every month of the year. 

Play with different kinds of typography to elevate the look of your favourite says, proverbs, and quotes. You can set a colour scheme for the entire year to keep the calendars looking cohesive and clean. 

A Friendly Collaboration

You can also make the year’s calendar a group effort! Collaborate with your friends and family to put their unique personalities every month of the year. Take time together to go through your most memorable photos together, and maybe even put inside jokes in its design. 

As the year goes by, you’ll find yourself getting comfort from the memories you collected together. Distribute the calendar to all members of the group so that you remain in each other’s thoughts year-round. 

It can be tough to meet up because of everyone’s busy schedule. With this calendar, you can have a daily reminder to check up on each other from time to time. 

Show Off Your Fur Babies

Here’s an easy and fun idea for fur parents! Dress up your pets in the cutest costumes. It’s their turn to be calendar pups!

You can use the seasons as inspiration for this fun photoshoot. For example, dress them up as cupids for February, the month of love. That’s an easy way to put a smile on your face every time you glance at your calendar. 

If you’re not up to holding a photoshoot, you can simply look through your camera roll. You, for sure, have tons of photos of your pets at their cutest moments! 

Reminisce on Last Year

There’s nothing wrong with looking back. Gather the previous year’s highlights of each month and feature that on your calendar. You’ll see some of your favourite moments of last year while hoping for more in the days to come. 

This can be a sentimental way of reflecting on your personal growth from the year before. You can see how just 365 days can change you and your perspective, but you’ll also be able to see how some things are still the same. 

If you have a little one at home, you can also use their milestone photos for your wall calendar. Babies and children grow so fast, so parents won’t want to miss any moment of it. 

Feature Artworks

Are your kids Little Picassos and Da Vincis? You can use your wall calendar as an opportunity to show off your kids’ skills to your friends and family through their artwork. 

Instead of displaying them on the fridge, scan and digitise their finger paintings, sketches, and crayon masterpieces! 

Go All Around the World

This is common, but it’s still a beautiful idea for your calendar. Feature your favourite places from around the world! You can also choose to put your dream destinations to keep you inspired to get there one day!

Using travel photos adds a sentimental touch to the calendar since these photos may contain your friends, family, and even your significant other. 

Birthday Notes

Birthday Notes

Have you ever missed out on someone’s birthday? The answer is probably yes. Everyone is left feeling guilty about forgetting a friend’s birthday because of several reasons. 

To avoid this, you can make next year’s calendar a birthday cheat sheet of sorts. You can even feature their photos on the calendar itself! It would be a good visual and unique reminder to keep your friends close and check in on them on their special day.

Pick a Colour

Incorporate the Pantone colour of the year in your personalised wall calendar. This can be done by using a variety of images and shades of that one colour. If you want it more personal, find your photos that fit with the theme

It may seem plain to use a single Panton shade, but having a gradient-based theme is quite eye-catching when put on display at home or in the office. 

Get Inspired By Your Favourite Treats

Almost everyone turns to food for comfort, especially when you’re feeling down. Translate that comforting feeling to next year’s wall calendar. 

A nice touch you can add to the calendar is to feature seasonal food! It can serve as a reminder to try these treats for the month! 

If you’re a chef or a foodie at heart, you can also put on display some dishes and desserts you’re proud of! Won’t this be the perfect calendar to hang up in your kitchen? 

Key Takeaway

Those were some fun and unique ideas for your next personalised calendar. Whether you’re giving them out as gifts or hanging them up in several of your businesses, they will add a personal and unique touch to your spaces!

Personalised calendars are just one of the many personalised gifts in Australia that we at Prima offer. Our facility houses special equipment and experienced staff who can accommodate all your personalisation needs. Let’s start our collaboration today!