Personalise Your Office Space: 6 Framed Prints You Can Hang Up

Personalise Your Office Space: 6 Framed Prints You Can Hang Up

What are the different framed prints that you can hang up in your office?

  1. Retro Wall Print
  2. Motivational Wall Art
  3. Gradient Wall Art
  4. Abstract Geometric Art
  5. Black and White Wall Art
  6. Words of Wisdom

Custom wall art is a brilliant way of sprucing up your office and making it feel like your second home. It highlights your favourite artwork, photos or designs and has them elegantly framed to fit right on your office walls. At Prima, we have fantastic frame options for our wall art whether you’re giving it as a personalised gift or hanging it up in your office.  You can choose from standard, premium and floating frame canvas, as well as matte or gloss framed prints.

So, if you want a personal touch to your office and show your co-workers and clients a bit of who you are, say goodbye to boring office walls and hello to custom wall art with Prima!

Retro Wall Print

Retro Wall Prints are all about sparkling bits of vintage vibes to your office space. They feature groovy designs and images from the mid-20th century that’ll drive you back in time. Think pop art, old-school ads, and fantastic cultural symbols. They come in various sizes and can be hung as is or framed, making them a pretty flexible decor option. 

Motivational Wall Art

Motivational Wall Art

With Prima, you can trust us to print and create the best motivational posters for your office. This is an exceptionally good way to inspire and boost the entire room! You never know if these affirmations, quotes, and positive messages are what your employees need to start their day.  Hanging them in your office is a good reminder for you to stay positive and crush your goals.

Gradient Wall Art

Next, gradient wall art is a great way of adding some colour to your office walls. These pieces feature smooth transitions between colours to create a totally unique look. Whether you go bold with sunny hues or keep it soft with subtle shades, gradient wall art is a versatile and stylish choice for your office looks!

These can be easily added to hallways, office spaces, and even office lobbies. They add that pop of colour to your everyday space.

Abstract Geometric Art

Abstract Geometric Art

A mixture of abstract forms and geometric shapes, abstract geometric art creates a visually cool piece that you can hang up in your office! From minimalist to bold, and all sorts of custom designs, it highlights your personal taste and displays it for all to enjoy. 

If you’re looking for someone to print the best abstract art for your office, Prima is here to help. Our team has extensive capabilities to help you throughout the process. From our onsite engineering team to our quality control team, we’ll make sure that we provide you with the best displays for your office space.

Black and White Wall Art

Office wall decor that never goes out of style is black-and-white wall art. As its name suggests, it features bold contrasts between black and white, illuminating the sophisticated and striking look you need! From abstract to photographic, it can be customised as well to fit your decor needs. 

Whether you opt for a large statement or smaller accent pieces, Prima can customise your Black and White Wall Art to infuse your office space with a classic and chic look!

Words of Wisdom

Bible Verse Wall Art

You can display words of wisdom to give employees food for thought as they go about their day. This is a different way to bring inspiration to your space. You can highlight the different fruits of the spirit like love, joy, peach, patience, and compassion. 

Find a design that best captures these quotes and have us at Prima do the printing and framing for you. These pieces can remind staff and yourself of their purpose and why they should keep going every day. 

Key Takeaway

There are different ways to decorate your space. Wall art is just one of them because it combines a personality and professional vibe, making a great first impression on your co-workers and clients.

With Prima’s excellent custom framing, you can have a unique piece that matches your office space and brand, too! So, if you’re up for a next-level office wall, consider our custom-framed wall art!

Make sure to get the perfect custom wall art in Australia from Prima today! Furthermore, if you have any brilliant ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to Prima, and let’s discuss them.