6 Reasons Why DTG Printing is Sustainable

6 Reasons Why DTG Printing is Sustainable

What makes DTG printing sustainable?

  1. It cuts down on waste
  2. This printing method uses water-based ink.
  3. More water is conserved
  4. Designs are customised
  5. Less energy used

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing has become increasingly popular, especially for those looking for personalised gifts. It’s a digital printing technology that allows you to print high-quality images directly onto garments.

While we appreciate the convenience and speed of this method at Prima, we also take into account its impact on the environment. This article examines the sustainable practices that underlie this printing method. Keep reading to learn more!

It Cuts Down on Waste

It Cuts Down on Waste

Compared to traditional screen printing, DTG printing produces significantly less waste.

All it needs is the printer, the garment, the ink, and your design files. Here at Prima, we use Kornit Atlas infrastructure for all our customised t-shirts and garments. The ink used is directly applied to the garment, eliminating the need for screens and stencils.

This Printing Method Uses Water-Based Ink

As mentioned above, printers apply ink directly on t-shirts and other kinds of textiles. The ink used is not only eco-friendly but also water-based. That means it’s free from harmful chemicals like PVC and phthalates that are often found in traditional screen printing ink. These contain toxic additives like chlorine, stabilisers, and plasticizers that can be harmful to your health.

On top of that, prints from our printing method here at Prima take less time to dry, allowing the printer to use less energy overall.

More Water is Conserved

Thanks to ink jet technology, direct-to-garment printing can conserve more water. Its printer only uses the right amount of ink needed for each t-shirt.

This is very different from screen printers, where a lot of cleaning and water are required. Its printing process has the tendency to get messy, using up not only lots of ink but also water in the process.

Designs are Customisable

Designs are Customisable

The sky is the limit for t-shirt prints here at Prima! Thanks to our printing method, different businesses can provide us with almost any design, no matter how detailed and intricate.

Older methods like screen printing need stencils printed for each design. When the design is complex, the printing tends to cost more since it takes up more time to create the design, especially when multiple colours are used.

On the other hand, DTG printing makes use of a digital printer that allows you to print any design in full colour. We add a layer of white ink before printing designs on coloured t-shirts to make sure every colour on the t-shirt pops!

Less Energy is Used

Thanks to direct-to-garment printing, employees no longer need to exert as much time and energy to come out with the perfect print. This printing method eliminates the need to create stencils, expose screens, and even run a printing press.

Here at Prima, our workers simply line up the t-shirts to their printer. From there, the machine does all the work.

Why Choose Prima for Your DTG Printing Needs?

Here at Prima, we do more than just print customised shirts and hoodies. We also consider sustainability throughout our entire business process.

We use the Kornit Atlas machine for our direct-to-garment printing. All products from Kornit are water-efficient, saving millions of water a year. Its ink also contains fewer occupational monitored chemicals.

On top of that, Prima is also committed to providing a positive impact on its customers by minimising our carbon footprint through different initiatives. Our facility is powered by solar energy and all packaging we use is fully recyclable. We even had our DTG drier converted to run on electricity (from our solar panels) rather than on gas.

Key Takeaway

Our printing services provide more than just excellent, high-quality prints. They also have an impact on the environment and the world at large. Through our sustainable efforts, we can encourage our customers to do the same.

Prima is the only place you need to look for a reliable and long-lasting DTG printing service. Our state-of-the-art facility has the latest DTG printing technology and is staffed by a team of experts who are committed to making high-quality prints.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our eco-friendly DTG printing services can help you bring your designs to life!