5 Photographs to Include in Your Custom Travel Photo Book

5 Photographs to Include in Your Custom Travel Photo Book

What photographs should you include in your custom travel photo book?  

  1. Golden & Blue Hour photographs
  2. Feature Instant Film Photos
  3. Iconic Cityscapes
  4. Show Off Pops of Colour
  5. Big Impact Photographs

People travel to explore the many destinations and natural wonders that the world has to offer. As they arrive in different towns filled with iconic landmarks, they take it all in — staring at cityscapes and natural wonders with eyes filled with wanderlust. So how can you make one moment last forever? Through a photograph, of course! 

Here are some photographs that you need to include in your next custom travel photo book! These unique shots will fill those pages with memories engraved in your mind forever. Keep reading to learn more!

Golden & Blue Hour Photographs

Golden & Blue Hour Photographs

No matter where you are in the world, the best photos will always be captured in natural light. The best times of day to capture photographs are during the golden hour and the blue hour. 

The Golden Hour refers to the time when the sun is low in the sky, during sunset. In any part of the world, whether you’re on the beach or in a busy city, you are sure to notice the warm glow of the sky at this hour. On the other hand, many also enjoy the light during blue hour. This is when the sun is just below the horizon. This time, the sky has a beautiful blue tone. 

You can capture these two hours in different countries and cities. So, you’ll have a unique collection of these special hours from spots all around the globe. 

Feature Instant Film Photos

This is a unique way to incorporate a photo within a photo. Snap a shot of yourself with your friends using your instant camera. For the shot, take a photo within a photo to show that you were there in that spot. 

You can get creative with the photos by taking the shot at night while your instant film photo features a morning shot.

If you’ve been to the same spot before, you can also use an old printed photograph to feature. This shows how much or how little the same spot is over the past few years. 

Iconic Cityscapes

Iconic Cityscapes

Custom travel photo books don’t need to be limited to unique photographs. There are certain landscapes and cities that everyone wants to see like the iconic New York City skyline or a marvellous view of the Sydney Opera House. Don’t be afraid to snap a photo of those iconic spots. 

However, if you’re a stickler for anything unique, why not put a unique twist on these landmarks? Find a different angle or play with reflections on the water or reflection on the water. That’s a unique shot you’d want to share with friends on social media and even put on display at home.

You can also find a new angle of the location or feature the intricate details of its interiors or architecture. 

Show Off Pops of Colour

Show Off Pops of Colour

There’s no better way to make a photo pop than a literal pop of colour. This eye-catching subject easily catches the eye of its viewer. But where can that splash of colour come from? It can be as simple as a bright-colored, wall, or building. Why not even feature yourself? If you’re wearing an eye catching coloured dress or coat, you can easily be the subject of your travel photographs too!

Big Impact Photographs

Here’s a way to make your travel spots look larger than life: size down any person featured in your frame. You can do this by widening the shot and distancing the vantage point of the photo. This makes everything around them look bigger and better — a few people exploring the big world. 

This is a great shot to experiment with when it comes to natural landscapes. Try widening the angle of your camera when taking photos of waterfalls, mountains, and even the beach. 

Key Takeaway

All trips are memorable. They are special moments in time you want to remember forever, especially when you’re travelling to a dream destination. You can easily immortalise these by making your own custom travel photo book! These also make great personalised gifts to people you share these memories with. 

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